Maps, Directions, and Words of Wisdom from Earl

There are multiple ways to get to Christmas Valley, depending on your mode of transportation.  Click on the link below to be taken to Google Maps to plot your trip.  Detailed directions from Earl Diment follow.


Hwy 97 through Bend to  LaPine, One mile past LaPine on 97 take a left onto Hwy 31 towards Reno you will stay on this road all the way through SilverLake. Approx 50 or so miles. Do not turn anywhere stay on the road. 6 miles past Silver Lake there will be a left. That is Arrow Gap road. Follow that road until the Rimrock starts to show up on your right. Now start looking to the right. There will be a dirt road marked by a reflector post and we will have a good sign on it. Follow that road to the Rocker D gate about I and a half miles. There will be only one fork and it is marked follow the Rocker D sign. Once through the gate you are on our property, please close the gate after you. First you will pass my land partners place, keep going through the crater just as you get out of it you will see a Yellow Bird house, take the left, that’s the drive way its about three miles from where you turn off the pavement. First you’ll see the Owl house cabin then the house up on the side of the hill under the rimrock. The beer will he cold and the hearts warm. Welcome all!!! Even if you are staying in Christmas Valley at a motel come see us first and we will give you specifics from our place. Peace.

The motel info and contact is: Lakeside Motel, 541- 576-2309, The Desert Inn Motel, 541-576-2262. Both run $53.00  a night. (I’d reserve soon).  Having said that they have multi-bed rooms and you can get as many as 4 or so in if so desired with an additional  $5.00 a head after two. So their pretty cheap. If your camping we have lots of indoor “out of the elements” space on my place and my land partners. Folks can bring a cot, airbed, etc. There are also some inside space at my house and cabin. There will also be a couple of Giant tents set up. So no worries on sleeping space.  We’ll have outside and inside bathroom facilities and a couple showers available at my place.


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