Download the 2016 Christmas Valley Music Festival poster. Click on the image below for a 11×17 PDF copy.


The 2nd Annual Christmas Valley Music Festival poster is now available for viewing or downloading.  Click the image for a full-size view!

The 2nd Annual Christmas Valley Music Festival


Greetings fellow revelers!

After the resounding success of last years Christmas Valley Music Festival at the Floweree Amphitheater and Singe-ing Santa Band Camp at the Rocker D Ranch, improvements and plans have assured that 2017’s Festival will be a bona fide hoot’n’holler!!!

Behold, the Music Tree

Behold, the Music Tree

At the Floweree, a large,  32 channel sound system has been installed (by brothers Grant & Earl), the electrical system has been re-wired and updated, and permanent stage lighting has also been added. The city council and newspaper are fully behind us with advertising and community involvement increasing exponentially. So expect more vendors and larger audience to welcome us back.

While Mr. Floweree donated many thousands of dollars to finance improvements, none of this would have happened without the hustle, hard work and enthusiasm of the philanthropists, organizers, musicians and all you wondrous folks that attended  the festivities! You should all take pride in all that has been accomplished, thank you!!

Out at the Rocker D, a large new permanent stage is being built & wired, complete with a 16 channel sound system, for all of us to jam, dance and play beneath the desert skies.
A new, large, sheltered outdoor cooking station has been built, the pool has been moved and improved and the goats have successfully completed the Bartenders Course at the local community college.







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