Singe-ing Santa Band Camp 2016, at Earl and Deb Diment’s picturesque Rocker D Ranch, will run from Thursday August 11 (early arrival day)* through Monday August 15 (late departure day)*.

While all musicians performing in the “public concert” (Saturday August 13), are taken care of, there is a $50.00 per person fee for others joining us at BAND CAMP 2016, this covers food, camping, craft brews, commemorative poster(s), bracelet, facilities and infrastructure.

The Rocker D Ranch, 765 acres of sweeping landscape is nestled high in the volcanic rim rock above the ancient, inland, ocean floor that is now known as Christmas Valley.

Within a few miles of this high desert oasis, you’ll find Petroglyphs and artifacts that date human activity and civilization in the area to over 10,000 + years ago!!

This is a timeless land that inspires  mystery, imagination and of course relaxation!!

Explore, hike, camp, stargaze, create, jam, laugh, meditate and celebrate on the property, or enjoy one of the many day trips to geological sites, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, lakes for swimming and fishing all under an endless, awe-inspiring sky.

The Rocker D Ranch has had many improvements made each year and this time around is no exception. A new (multiple) solar shower area, that assures a modicum of privacy, has been added to the pool area.

There is a fully equipped outdoor stage with sound and lighting so music may sprout wings whenever the moods strike.


New boardwalks and sleeping platforms surround the “dance floor”, stage and pool areas as well as an outdoor kitchen area.

Essential facilities (water, porta-potty’s…) are provided.



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