Well once again a cavalcade of musicians, volunteers and cohorts brought their magic and music to the splendors of the Rocker D Ranch,
the Flowerree Memorial Amphitheater and the wonderful folks of Christmas Valley Oregon!
A glorious day, where the wind whipped, the thunderclouds threatened, and the rain was held at bay by the hopes, prayers and music of all involved!

While our audience turn out was a bit less this year, it must be noted that the Christmas Valley area is an agricultural zone. Producing high grade Alfalfa, grasses and hay that are shipped throughout the country and around the world. Weather plays a huge factor in cultivating and harvesting these crops. In a matter of hours these crops can lose value or be severally damaged by storms, rain and wind.
So many of our local friends, from ranch owners and foremen to field workers and their families, who are “on call” 24/7 during harvest, were unable to attend… the crops must come in for the food to reach our tables after all!

From the onset music and smiles fueled the day!
From the progressive instrumental rock/fusion of Gregory Horner’s “Human Radio”, the smoky exotic Ethiopian Jazz of “Crocodile Butterflies”, the lilting Latin tinged Jazz & Blues of “The Larks”, the swampy Louisiana grooves of “Funk Rougeou”, the rockin’ post punk clamor and ennui of “Saint Jacks Parade”, the psychedelicized Folk n’ Roll of “Loose Change”, to the “world’s most eclectic cover band”, “DC Malone & the Jones”, everyone gave their all for the Children and Families of Christmas Valley** and the, “oh so lucky” reveling audience!!

A huge bundle of thanks to the vendors, volunteers and annual donors and supporters that have made this and every year possible. We simply could not do it without you!

A final word of thanks and gratitude to John Flowerree, a rancher, philanthropist and impassioned community supporter, whose “laid back” style belies his heartfelt enthusiasm!
Virtually every word in that last sentence (sans “rancher”) encapsulates the spirit and personalities of Earl and Deb Diment (and their fellow HOA’s), who every year have opened their hearts, minds, souls and home to bring a bit of joy and hope to the community of the high desert land they so deeply love!

Our annual CVMF Benefit Concert & Raffle fund raising event here in Portland.
It is planned for March 28, 2020 at Mekong Bistro 8200 NE Siskiyou St, Portland, OR 97220
Next years Christmas Valley event is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, 2020. With dates for “Band Camp” from Thursday, August 6 thru Monday, August 10.

**The Christmas Valley Music Festival (CVMF) provides much needed funds, support and equipment towards the Health, Education and Welfare of the Children of N. Lake County, OR.

We do this by supporting liberal arts programs in their Public School System, providing a yearly College Scholarship to a deserving High School Graduate as well as donating to the High Desert Brain Food Program.

Each year we try to expand our outreach into the community.

Along with our two annual Concerts and fund raising events, this years plans include School Assemblies, Concerts, and Presentations to encourage students to achieve their scholastic and artistic goals while inspiring those that follow to do the same.

CVMF is a fully accredited 501(c3), thus allowing all donations to be tax deductible, should the donor wish.


You can use our PayPall account to donate to the cause.


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