For the first time in nearly 9 years we were forced to cancel our Spring Portland fundraiser and now it is time, for safety’s sake, to cancel our Summer Christmas Valley gathering as well.

Words from Earl & Deb Diment & the beloved Rocker D Ranch…

“Hello everyone, I hope all of you and yours are doing well.

I’m writing this to confirm something you may already expect.

Due to the pandemic and its lingering influence, both the 4th of July Celebration at Flowerree Park and the CVMF Benefit in August have been canceled.

It is a great disappointment and we will miss you all!

On the bright side we have always held back enough funding to meet our commitments to the community in case something unforeseen happens.

This year we have already continued to support the Brain Food Trust Program’s expanding role in feeding families everyday rather than the few days a week when Schools are not in  session.

We are also granting our annual CVMF College Scholarships to two deserving students this year”.

Their Scholarship winning essays on the importance of the Arts in our culture are available below. Please take a few moments to read these thoughtful essays, they will inspire!

“We also have and will be giving extra support to the Senior Drama Club and various liberal arts programs in the School System.

So the Festival (and it’s Family!) is still making its mark.

We may need to be a bit more aggressive in our fundraising for next year but I’m sure we’ll be fine”.

(A note from the CVMF fundraising volunteers, “Over the last five months or so we have gather thousands of dollars worth of Gifts, Services, Musical Instruments, Artwork, Jewelry, Books,  knick knacks, tchotchkes and totems for our Annual Raffle. Should interest show, we may Raffle or Auction a few items on our website. Please let us know if that is something you’d support ?

We have also recently received four donations of $500.00!! Each from longtime CVMF members and supporters”!

Back to Earl;

…”Thank you all so much for your support of our little gig in the desert. We are going to miss all of your smiling faces and wonderful energy.

Please be careful as we enter this re-opening period so we can get this damn bug swiftly behind us.

Light and Love to you all. Be safe and please take care of one another”…as you would your own.

All our love,

Earl & Deb”

While those parties won’t be happening again until next year, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy and celebrate some of the amazing musicians that have graced the stages of the nearly twenty CV and PDX Benefits over the last nine years!

Here are links to performances (and websites) by many of these tirelessly giving musicians that have made all of this possible.

Give a listen and enjoy the party at home!

The Christmas Valley Music Festival (CVMF) provides much needed funds, support and equipment towards the Health, Education and Welfare of the Children of N. Lake County, OR.

We do this by supporting liberal arts programs in their Public School System, providing a yearly College Scholarship to a deserving High School Graduate as well as donating to the High Desert Brain Food Program.

Each year we try to expand our outreach into the community.

Along with our two annual Concerts and fund raising events, this years plans include School Assemblies, Concerts, and Presentations to encourage students to achieve their scholastic and artistic goals while inspiring those that follow to do the same.

CVMF is a fully accredited 501(c3), thus allowing all donations to be tax deductible, should the donor wish.


You can use our PayPall account to donate to the cause.